Apr 132010
Authors: Sara Michael

Freshman Tucker Estes brought his two left feet to dance the Soulja Boy dance for Alpha Kappa Psi’s first annual fundraiser pageant Tuesday night, and it wasn’t enough to earn him the illustrious title of Mr. CSU.

But that was just the beginning.

Featuring a spirit display, a talent show and a professional fashion walk, five contestants competed for the crown, bringing out their showcase of talents and finery to separate the boys from the one Mr. CSU.

Scott Cargile, a senior, appeared with his band What’s Been Used, ripping a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” in a drumless performance of electric and bass guitars.

Jonathan Hummer, with the disclaimer that he couldn’t display his true talents of time management, came out with his shih-zhu Bing and “schmoozed” the judges and the crowd with some sit, stay and jump commands, all in ­­Chinese, in which he is fluent.

The others brought less visual talents.

Steven Prentiss threw down his ample armory of pick-up lines and middle-school jokes, and Clayton Miller stole the show with his voice impressions of Heath Ledger’s The Joker, “Lord of the Rings” Saruman,Gandalf and Sméagol, Larry the Cable Guy and Christopher Walken, all of which the judges called “dead-on accurate.”

“I just started when I was young, just tried it and worked on it,” Miller said. He hopes to do voiceovers or voice acting professionally with his communications major.

An audience of 70 turned out to watch the show, mostly members of the Alpha Kappa Psi, AKP, fraternity.

Judges Brenda Ogden and Mike Jaramillo, faculty and staff of the school of business, joined senior AKP member Tierney Smith to grade the guys and, American Idol-style, determine who would stand out to become Mr. CSU.

With titles such as “The Professional Nazi,” the “Original Mr. CSU” and “Best singer of the AKP anthem,” the three were a fierce critique as they commended the contestants for bravery and reprimanded them for lack of dress socks –– although, Ogden said, no socks were better than white socks.

After the contestants took a spin around the stage with female AKP members, the judges deliberated and named Miller this year’s Mr. CSU. Bedecked with crown, sash and scepter, he also received a $25 check, a free haircut and several other gift certificates.

Hummer was named Mr. Congeniality for having a high crowd appeal.

Staff writer Sara Michael can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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