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Apr 122010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to student government elections coming to an end. Finally, we can focus on just avoiding being accosted by the Greenpeace and Save the Children people.

Nay | to CSU considering more layoffs. But hey, who needs faculty and staff to teach us when we could just attend Spring Concerts.

Yay | to the Denver Post winning a Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography. Too bad the story, which ran with the photos, really didn’t live up to expectations.

Nay | to the men’s lacrosse perfect season coming to an end. Now, not everyone can be perfect. Just ask the New England Patriots.

Yay | to the NHL playoffs starting this week. We just love those toothless Canadians. And Russians.

Nay | to using student fees for the Spring Concert. The lack of student turnout really disappoints.

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