Apr 122010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Office workers around the water cooler have talked for years about their suspicions of covert rendezvous in the workplace. Almost everyone has wondered just what was going on in the supply closet, and between whom.

CSU psychology professor Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D., has spent the last year studying the effects of these suspicions on couples who hide their romances from others. He will speak about his research tonight at 5 p.m. in Clark A103.

“Specifically, I will be talking about what types of couples are most likely to hide their relationships from others, how hiding a relationship affects the quality of the romance itself and the health of the partners involved, as well as ways of dealing with the stress of secrecy,” Lehmiller said in an e-mail.

Dr. Lehmiller gathered data from couples surveyed online, with some participating as long as one year.

“My research suggests that relationship secrecy is a relatively common experience. However, the effects of secrecy appear to be more negative than anything,” Lehmiller said.

Psi Chi –– The International Honor Society in Psychology –– and The Psychology Student Alliance are sponsoring the event. Every year the PSA brings in a university professor to speak to students and faculty about their research.

“My hope is for them to gain just some knowledge about what a secret relationship is and the consequences of keeping a relationship secret,” said PSA Vice President Sarah Huff.

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The Event
What: The effects of secret romantic relationships
When: Today, 5 to 7 p.m.
Where: Clark A103

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