Apr 122010
Authors: Sara Michael

A couple rounds of runway strutting and talent displays will be enough to separate the boys from Mr. CSU tonight.

Beginning at 7 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Theater, the Mr. CSU competition, sponsored by Alpha Kappa Psi as part of Greek Week, will include a fashion show of formal/professional wear and the CSU spirit attire.

After a first round of eliminations, there will follow a talent competition and an interview to sort through the contestants and decide who wins the Mr. CSU title.

This is the first pageant that AKP has sponsored, but event coordinator and senior Ashley Tevault said the fraternity hopes that the event will continue in the following years as an annual fundraiser and become something of a reputation builder for AKP.

“We have a fun panel of judges, and we’re anticipating an American Idol sort of event,” Tevault said, laughing. “Kind of Simon-style.”

She added that some contestants had some less-than-traditional talents that would spice up the judging.

Senior Jonathan Hummer is one of those people.

“I don’t have any talents that are readily displayable, so I trained my dog in Chinese,” he said.

Hummer, a member of AKP, speaks Chinese fluently. He entered, he said, due to some positive peer pressure, and he expects the event to be a good activity.

“(AKP) is something I’m very passionate about, so I figured, why not put out and support a little bit more than just organizing?” Hummer said.

He also shares Tevault’s sentiments about the event.

“It is the first, so it might be a little rough around the edges,” he said. “But, hopefully, this will get to be an Alpha Kappa Psi tradition.”

After originally having eight people sign up to compete, the numbers for tonight have dropped to seven, but Tevault said she still hopes to have at least 100 people turn out to watch.

As the professional business fraternity on campus, Alpha Kappa Psi’s core foundations are brotherhood, knowledge, integrity, service, and unity.

Prizes for the contestants include a trophy, a Mr. CSU sash and crown, a massage gift certificate and various other gift cards and bragging rights –– until next year.

Staff writer Sara Michael can be reached at news@collegian.com.

Mr. CSU Competition

When: 7 p.m., tonight
Where: Lory Student Center Theater
What: Fashion Show, Talent Competiton and Interviews
Sponsored by Alpha Kappa Psi as part of Greek Week

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