Letter to the Editor

Apr 122010

Thanks for opening my eyes

I’m writing to thank Seth Stern for opening my eyes. In my 10 years of studying political theory, political economy, constitutional law and American history, I had been under the impression that intelligent, rational people could disagree on issues like health care and social security.

Indeed, through my readings of the Federalist Papers, I had been left with the impression that pluralism lays at the foundation of republicanism.

Worse yet, influenced by Paine, Jefferson and two and a half millennia of philosophic debate, I had deluded myself into believing that determining the appropriate balance between the interests of the individual and the collective –– liberty and equality, the “public” and “private” –– at a particular point in time was the very essence of (representative) democracy.

Now I realize that all I needed to do was take a quick glimpse at the Constitution (or an Alex Jones blog post) … and voilà. The answers to all contemporary debates are so obvious that it would take an idiot –– or a “neo-Hippie, democrat, liberal, progressive pacifist” –– to not see the truth.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I had never even realized that the American Constitution was actually written by mid-20th century Austrian economists, not the 18th century classical liberals and radical democrats that we’ve been duped into believing.

Turns out, my former beliefs made me a “moonbat.” So thanks again. I had always been taught to be wary of those who relied on polemics, alarmist rhetoric and starkly black and white worldviews, but your invective showed me the error of my ways.

Now I understand that if “They” are too dumb to understand “Us,” the truth will have to be enforced by coercive means.

I guess it’s time to dress up in my revolutionary-era garb, grab my bayonet and start weeding out all the pacifist, liberal pussies who stand in my way. In the name of freedom, of course.

John Hultgren is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of political science at CSU. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.

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