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As a result of ever-shrinking funding streams, CSU could cut as many as 50 currently filled positions for next year.

The layoffs, announced in a press release Friday, add to the 89 positions the university has cut or reduced since 2009. CSU officials expect state funding to the university to be cut about $13 million next fiscal year –– which begins on July 1 –– and they plan to eliminate university expenses by roughly the same amount primarily by reducing operating budgets and continuing a hiring freeze that has been in place for more than a year.

On average, administrative budgets will take cuts averaging 5.9 percent, and academic colleges will take cuts of 4.3 percent.

But, according to the release, so far the total number of layoffs and position reductions since 2009 equal just 1 percent of the total university workforce with no tenure or tenure-track reductions.

Of the 89 positions cut or reduced since 2009, 51 of the people affected are still employed at CSU in some capacity by either taking salary or hours reductions, or by moving to other vacated jobs in the university.

The positions impacted by budget cuts include one non-tenured instructor, 17 administrative professionals and 71 state classified staff. Two of the administrative professionals and 49 of the state classified staff are still at CSU.

Since the beginning of the hiring freeze, CSU has also eliminated 229 positions that were vacated by employees retiring or resigning, and officials estimate those cuts have saved the school more than $15 million.

In last year’s budget, the administration took cuts of about twice the percentage amount that the academic colleges took, the President’s Office getting hit the worst of any budget line on campus by a 44 percent budget reduction in fiscal year 2009 and another 2.7 percent reduction in fiscal year 2010.

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