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Authors: Kirsten Silveira

Even after choosing their leaders Wednesday, some students said elected student government platform issues rarely come to fruition despite their promises.

Samantha Earrows, a sophomore environmental health major, said Associated Students of CSU presidential candidates make big promises they may not be able to keep, adding that once elected the president is an isolated figure from the student body.

“I really have a hard time voting for anyone because you never see reform,” Earrows said, but said she liked President-elect Cooper Anderson and Vice President-elect Jennifer Babos’s idea to light the historic Aggie “A,” because it was something she could actually see.

Anderson and Babos garnered 2,156 or 45.1 percent of student votes and ran on a platform comprised of enhancing sexual assault education, working with lawmakers to save higher education in Colorado, increasing RamRide’s fleet, ending 7 a.m. finals, reworking CSU’s grading system and lighting the historic Aggie “A” to promote school spirit.

Sustainability, one of the big three issues contenders Jack Becker and Darrie Burrage based their ticket on, is the most prominent campus issue to junior political science major Ariel Crissi.

“We claim to be the green university but we really don’t practice what we preach,” Crissi said, adding that he’d like to see the elected team work toward sustainability during their tenure.

Hannah Hegarty, a freshman apparel and merchandizing major, said that Anderson and Babos’ platform issues didn’t encompass the wants of students. The most important task for ASCSU officials is to work toward making hands-on learning available because it “enriches your education and prepares you for the future,” she said.

When asked if they thought Anderson and Babos would adopt the platform initiatives of other campaigns, both Hegarty and Crissi said they thought it was unlikely.

In a previous interview with the Collegian, however, the newly-elected ASCSU leaders promised to seek help from Jack Becker and Darrie Burrage so they can encompass some of their ideas into their plans.

The duo will also hold town hall style meetings once or twice a month in an effort to hear feedback from students and keep campus up to date on their platform accomplishments.

“Jack and Darrie said it best. It’s about heightening the student experience,” Anderson and Babos said.

Senior Reporter Kirsten Silveira can be reached at news@collegian.com.

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