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Much has been made lately of the alleged threats of violence coming from the Tea Party types. Those of a liberal/socialist/progressive tilt –– pretty much the same group of moonbats –– cry out against those who would use violence when dialogue has failed, in spite of the fact the dialogue failed because so few of us comprehend these liberals.

This very outcry demonstrates their lack of understanding of American history. Despite what they may believe, our nation exists solely thanks to violent men unwilling to suffer under the thumb of an oppressive, corrupt and deaf government.

As über-liberal Gore Vidal said, the founding fathers feared two things: a dictatorship and a democracy. A dictatorship because that is what they had just thrown off and democracy because they feared a majority tyranny, aka mob rule.

While an increasing number of self-labeled conservative Americans grow more frustrated with the tyrannical actions of Washington D.C., the left seems completely flabbergasted why anyone would consider violence as a solution.

Well, for those of you neo-hippies, Democrats, liberals, socialists, progressives and pacifists, consider brushing up on your history. Violence has all too often served as the only final solution to most major conflicts, and it remains the only final solution for corrupt government around the world.

In the meantime, our representatives are actively destroying the union they were elected to serve. Never before in world history has the reserve currency of most sovereign nations been that of a government hyper inflating its currency to service debts to those same nations.
It started here.

As the nation’s future generations demonstrate more concern with the sex lives of adulterous celebrities than with the actions of the parasitic occupants of D.C., they succeeded in screwing us over.

I’m not referring to health care, which deserves its fair share of scorn. I’m referring to Social Security. Since FDR signed this monstrous piece of crap into law in 1935 as part of his failed New Deal, and every president since the only democratically elected dictator in the history of the country has illegally used the excess funds in Social Security as a trust.

When Democrats claimed Clinton had balanced the budget, they were lying. He used the obligated funds in Social Security as a trust, leaving an IOU for the future to pay for the unfunded portions of the budget.

This year, for the first time since 1935, instead of using the excess in Social Security to pay for other programs, the federal government is going to have to take funds from somewhere else in the budget to pay the obligated funds of Social Security.

I mention these issues because the total unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare have been north of $100 trillion for years and years, yet George W. Bush was roundly condemned for suggesting privatization.

Don’t get me wrong, I loathe any politician who bails out private business and treats the Constitution as passé. Nevertheless, he not only tried to call attention to the problems of Social Security, he also tried to call attention to the problems of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, no one listened.

Regardless, we have entered a dangerous phase in American politics, the two parties are going to alternate power in the most infantile, idiotic and immature back-and-forth the world has ever seen.

Republicans will undo as much of what their predecessors accomplished, then vice versa. That will not solve our problems; it will only exacerbate our problems.

I’m such a splendiferous human being, a lover of all creatures non-rodent and just a nice guy, I want to propose a mature, complicated and rational solution to prevent any acts of violence born out of frustration or anger for the federal government.

Instead of left and right attempting to gain an advantage over the other for eternity, I suggest we divide the country into smaller, more efficient countries filled with happier people.

I’ll detail how we can accomplish such an enormous task in fewer than 700 words next week.

If we don’t try crazy to avoid violence, a violent time will remain inevitable.
Seth Stern is a senior journalism and sociology major. His column appears Fridays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com._

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