Apr 072010
Authors: Ian Mahan

Not very often are new genres created, but clearly Jesse Barrera believes they should be. The former My American Heart member emerged in March with his debut solo album, “Love In Technicolor,” offering a cross of alternative pop-rock with easy listening R&B.

On “Tangled Up,” the first track on the album, Barrera offers an overly infectious confession of love with a drum beat that sounds like it might belong more in a rap song than alt-rock song. Either way there is something about melodic selection that Barrera figured out because it more than works, and the song is extremely memorable.

“Love On A Lifeline” finds Barrera pairing himself with Ken Alminar on an insatiable R&B influenced track about moving on and not looking back.

“I don’t want to miss you no more/ and I don’t want to see you walking through the door,” might seem like simple lyrics, but there is something about Barrera’s crooning through these words that actually makes them a little deeper than they might appear on paper.

“Weak” is a brilliant showcase of just how talented Barrera actually is and a complete show for his melodic sense as far as layering the track, which ranges from the choral harmonies behind his voice all the way to the basic acoustic guitar track.

For being an independent artist, Barrera deserves a lot more attention than he might be receiving in the MySpace community of listeners. Either way it might just be a matter of time before he becomes a household name in the pop music scene.

“Love In Technicolor” contains all of the ingredients that make a fantastic album with no loss of gradient from track to track.

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