Apr 062010
Authors: K.C. Fleming

In a time when the right to wear veils is being challenged in some European countries, the Islamic Cultural Center of Fort Collins will seek to shed light on the reasons why Muslim women veil before there is a movement to ban it in America, too.

“Recent events are going on in Europe about how they are banning … certain types of veiling,” said CSU alumna Sahar Babak, one of the coordinators for the event. “And so we wanted to build a kind of platform for people to come and learn about why Muslim women wear the headscarf and what it means to them.”

As recently as last January, the French Parliament considered a ban on the burqa, a specific type of veiling that covers the entire face. But due to the fear that such a ban would violate the constitutional rights of the French people, the movement has been temporarily halted.

Several speakers will share their experiences with wearing the headscarf at the event. There will be poetry in addition to a dessert served to attendees called baklava, which is a sweet, rich, pastry traditional to Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries.

Almost 150 people are expected to attend the event tonight at 6 p.m. in Engineering Building, room 100.

Staff reporter K.C. Fleming can be reached at news@collegian.com.

What: Islamic Culture Night: Freedom to Veil
Where: Engineering Building Rm 100
Price: Free
When: Tonight, 6 p.m.

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