Apr 062010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

These past few days have left us with a bad taste in our mouth. Student government has essentially devolved into an overgrown sophomoric student club.

By this point, people don’t care about the elections. More-than-likely the average student doesn’t even know the platforms –– what the campaigns should be about.

Guaranteed though, people know the drama between two campaigns –– who mailed what and whose dog pooped where.

And neither Jack nor Darrie are involved in either mudslinging campaign, to their credit.
But this is nothing that we didn’t say in Monday’s “Our View.”

Tuesday’s news of the Associated Students of CSU Supreme Court’s ruling against reinstating the Dave Ambrose/April Ragland campaign is just more fodder for the fire.

The duo was the first ever to be removed from the ballot after exceeding campaign spending limits due to an Elections Committee decision forcing them to pay fair market value on postage for postcards sent to the residence halls.

We’d like to commend the court for making a difficult decision in not making a judgment on the Ambrose/Ragland appeal on the price of postage, which eventually ended the campaign, and instead followed procedure.

We feel the Elections Committee for some reason or another wronged Ambrose and Ragland. The punishment did not fit the crime.

But in the end, the student body is left with either choosing the lesser of two evils from the smaller pool of candidates or to cast useless, yet possibly influential, write-in votes for the castaways Ambrose and Ragland.

It’s sad that an organization like ASCSU, a body with so much potential for affecting actual positive change for the good of our students, is reduced to something more like a high school student council screaming match.

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