Apr 052010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Considering all journalism –– from the in-depth investigations that have led to the downfalls of evildoers in the highest positions of power to the smallest obituaries that brought smiles to the faces of the newly bereft –– there’s no question that the craft has profoundly impacted our society.

But it’s often easy to overlook a very simple question: Where would we be if it weren’t for the great newsmen and women who have dedicated their lives to informing the world about itself?

If it weren’t for the reporters who have canvassed our communities –– global and local alike –– in search of the truth, many dead social evils would still exist, and many great stories would go untold.

President Richard Nixon might have spent three extra years in office exacting his insidious agenda against his competition.
The government might have continued, without blame, in its unethical imprisonment and torture of prisoners of war, guilty or innocent.

We might never have heard the compelling and vivid stories of military personnel who are charged with informing the families of dead soldiers that they have lost love ones.

The list continues.

In the spirit of the quest for truth, the Collegian would like to encourage readers to attend the Society of Professional Journalists’ “Where Would We Be Without Journalism?” reception in the Lory Student Center University Club tonight at 5 p.m. to honor those intrepid reporters who have meant so much to so many people throughout our country’s history.

Indeed, there are still many miles to go in bettering our society, but without these crafty people with pens and notepads, we wouldn’t be nearly as far along that road as we are. 

Plus, there will be cake.

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