Grow up, ASCSU

Apr 042010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

For the first time in as long as any of us can remember, the Collegian Editorial Board will not be endorsing a ticket in this year’s student government elections.

Over the course of last week, we sat down with candidates David Ambrose and April Ragland and their opponents Jack Becker and Darrie Burrage. Cooper Anderson and Jennifer Babos, unfortunately, could not make time to meet with us.

While we met with the tickets to discuss their stances on issues, and the candidates met with one another to face off in debates, another sort of contest was beginning: one of constant bickering and litigation.

Last week we watched two of the three campaigns sling a seemingly endless stream of complaints against one another. These issues have each taken hours for the Associated Students of CSU Election Committee to resolve and have ranged in severity from trademark infringement to ­­–– quite literally –– doggie doo.

Just Friday, complaints against Ambrose and Ragland resulted in their ejection from the election – the first expulsion in ASCSU history.

The volume of these complaints has taken the campaigns far from what should be at their heart: you, the CSU students.

In the last seven days, we have seen a campaign system that should be used as a forum for debate on student issues devolve into a bickering match like the kind you would see between siblings arguing over space in the back of the mini-van.

Because these complaints have become so close to the heart of this process, we feel that to endorse a ticket in this election would be little more than choosing a side in a conflict that has become more personal than political.

That said, we commend the Becker and Burrage for avoiding the frenzy –– the candidates have filed no complaints over the course of the campaign.

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