Apr 012010
Authors: Justyna Tomtas

Determining that two Woody’s Woodfired Pizza advertisements were sexist, the Campus Feminist Alliance moved the fundraiser for its biggest annual event from the restaurant to an Old Town location.

Having planned to raise money for the 19th annual Take Back the Night march at Woody’s Sunday evening, the Campus Feminist Alliance, CFA, decided that two of the restaurant’s ads reflected a tone opposing the group’s pro-women ideal. One ad featured a beer bottle in the shape of a woman’s body, the other a naked woman holding a sign reading, “Ladies, we got you covered.”

“There are other more creative ways to advertise that do not degrade clientele upon entering the establishment. Publicity can be inclusive of all people while being fun and catchy simultaneously,” Lara Adamson, CFA president and a senior human development and family studies major, said in an e-mail to the Collegian.

The event will now be hosted in the Art Lab, located in Old Town at 239 Linden St. Adamson said she hopes that students will attend the event because it’s for a good cause.

Celebrated internationally since 1976, Take Back the Night represents a movement to end sexual violence.

“It creates a safe community for people to have a good time and have an inclusive community,” Adamson said.

The fundraiser will feature two bands: Rad Vibes and Origami Hands.

“Though we will not be able to enjoy beverages and pizza at the new location, it will be a good time, and we feel like we are doing the right thing. Please join us for fun and dancing Saturday night,” Adamson said.

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