Deep in election poo

Mar 312010

Among the biggest issues being addressed in this year’s student government elections: Dog poop on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

Ben Weiner, who supports the campaign of David Ambrose and April Ragland for the top two spots in the Associated Student’s of CSU, filed a formal complaint against the campaign of Cooper Anderson and Jennifer Babos after one of their two campaign mascots –– lap dogs –– defecated on the plaza.

The complaint alleged that campaigners did not pick up the dookie, but covered it up with snow, which goes against Fort Collins’ animal cleanup rules.

Weiner writes in his complaint, “the leaving of fecal matter from an animal, whether owned by the temporary handler at the time of said incident or not, is a clear violation of the Fort Collins Municipal Code, and in turn the (Associated Students of) CSU Elections Code.”

This grievance was part of a barrage of complaints filed against the Anderson/Babos campaign by members of the Ambrose/Ragland ticket. It seems ironic that these allegations were filed directly after a number of fines were assessed to Ambrose and Ragland the night before. The criticisms are being hotly debated in the elections committee, which effectively prolongs the elections process.

Despite the fact that the turd did go uncleaned against city ordinance, the complaint is clearly counterproductive, especially given the nature of some of the other allegations –– like copyright infringement –– being thrown around in the campaigns.
Excuse the pun, but it’s like Weiner found a rotten peanut in a steaming pile of poo.

If campaigners are going dedicate large portions of their time to finding dirt on the other candidates, maybe they should look at the issues that matter.

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