Mar 312010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

The elections committee found presidential candidate David Ambrose and his running mate April Ragland guilty of allegedly campaigning before the official start of elections and assessed a fine of $75 Tuesday night.

The complaint gives evidence of e-mail correspondence between Ambrose and Tim Campbell, president of Students for Concealed Carry at CSU, in which Campbell promises Ambrose and Ragland an official endorsement.

The e-mail, sent March 2, explicitly requests Ambrose explain how he plans to address the issue of concealed carry on campus, a practice the CSU System Board of Governors banned last semester. The policy will officially go into effect on or before August 1.

Earlier that same night the duo was assessed a $25 fine for allegedly posting libelous comments about a competing campaign on their Facebook page and a $50 fine for allegedly violating residence hall guidelines regarding the distribution of platform handouts.

Another hearing, in which the committee will determine the “fair market value” sending the handbills to all dorm residents, will take place on Friday.

Ambrose and Ragland will have three business days to pay all fines, amounting to $150, assessed during Tuesdays meeting.

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