Yays and Nays

Mar 292010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board,

Yay | to Ricky Martin coming out and announcing he is gay. How shocking. Call us when Ted Haggard comes back out of the closet.

Nay | to Colorado losing Race to the Top funding. But hey, it’s not like we needed the money. Higher education isn’t in crisis or anything …

Yay | to spring football. Nothing like tailgating six months before opening day.

Nay | to the recent thefts on campus. On a side note, anyone in need of a black market mini-fridge?

Yay | to the warming weather. Soon enough we’ll be worrying about flash floods and tornadoes instead of blizzards.

Nay | to fast food fish. We all know fast food isn’t healthy, but artery blockage is down the road. Food poisoning is immediate.

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