Mar 292010
Authors: John Carr, Fort Collins resident

Thanks for voicing conservative views

Ladies and gentlemen of the Collegian Editorial Board, you have my attention. After years of neglecting what I dismissed as a liberal rag, I thumbed to the op-ed pages of Friday’s Collegian.

I was stunned to encounter two, yes, I said two, columns that offered, each in their own way, full throated declarations of conservative political philosophy.

Seth Stern galloped readers through a pithy flashback of American history and soundly slapped the herring of truth across the face of our un-hinged political culture in his article, “Republicans and Democrats have been horrendous options.” Stern insists that the salvation of the Republic requires nothing less than embracing Constitutional principles.

Robyn Scherer takes up the torch in her article, “Political representation no longer represents constituents,” and pressed on, wincing occasionally as she anticipated the peer-launched pies whizzing face-ward.

Her column offered a facile and worldly critique of Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey’s rejection of voter’s wishes by voting for the heath care bill.

Scherer scolds Markey’s recent political soft shoe and decries politicians that betray constituents to curry party favor. Scherer jabs the finger of rectitude into the chest of vanity and used her high ground to challenge voters to value principles over power no matter what their political pedigree.

Keep it up. I will snap up the next edition with gusto knowing that your opinion page dares to host conservative views on occasion.

John Carr
Fort Collins resident

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