Wrong means, good end

Mar 282010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Friday morning, as three other teams running in the student government elections prepared for the first round of debates, another team swooped in and announced their candidacy.

A while later, one of the two last-minute candidates participated in the debates on the Lory Student Center Plaza, highlighting the dire need to save higher education ––without CSU, proposing changes to the campus is irrational, he said.

And a few hours later, the team –– Matt Worthington, director of the Associated Students of CSU’s Legislative Affairs, and current ASCSU Vice President Tim Hole –– dropped out of the race.

Their goal, they said, was to highlight the fact that the other three campaigns were not focused enough on higher education.

While entering the race and pulling out soon after was juvenile and ill-planned, taking away from the legitimacy of the elections –– the wrong means –– it was a means to a good end.

Each of the three campaigns recognized the need to push higher education as a top priority on their platforms made a verbal pledge to do so.

The Collegian Editorial Board argued whether students care or should care about saving higher education. Some said that students care more about extended library hours and shorter wait times for RamRide than whether or not CSU will exist in 10 years. Some said that students should care more about the latter.

In the end, it’s the responsibility of student government leaders to push the importance of higher education on their constituency, regardless of their stance on the issue.

So bravo, Worthington and Hole, for redirecting the campaigns’ focus to save higher education.

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