Mar 282010
Authors: Laura James

Throughout this year’s award season, critics raved about “The Blind Side” and Sandra Bullock’s performance. The film, which hit theaters in November, was just released on DVD, and people seem to be buying it in droves.

“The Blind Side” is the true story of Michael Oher, an offensive tackle for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. Born into a very impoverished family, Oher spent his childhood years in and out of foster homes and the hands of his crack-addicted mother.

An acquaintance who took Michael in for a time manages to get Oher enrolled into a private Christian school, where he begins to get a real education and an introduction to football.

Meanwhile, Michael is basically homeless and desperately trying to keep up with the schoolwork he doesn’t understand. On a cold winter night, Michael is seen walking outside the school without a coat by a wealthy Memphis housewife.

Enter Sandra Bullock’s character Leigh Anne Tuohy.

The Tuohy’s own more than 80 Taco Bells and have a massive Memphis estate. They take in Michael and get him a tutor. For months they coach Michael in school, as well as football, and aide in morphing Michael into a potential college football star.

When the Tuohys send a video of Michael’s football skills to several colleges, the scholarship offers start pouring in. Michael struggles to get his grades up, but with the love and support of the Tuohy family, Michael is able to get into University of Mississippi.

Oher was the first round NFL draft pick in 2009.

The film, which channels the feeling of 1993’s “Rudy,” is just another feel-good story. Michael Oher’s story is amazing, and it has been hailed as a personification of the American dream.

Although the real story is uplifting, the performances in the movie are mediocre, including Sandra Bullock’s, and the film was way over-hyped.

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