Mar 252010
Authors: Rachel Childs

Sunday, the Obama administration implemented sweeping health care reform under one of the nation’s most historic bills passed by the House of Representatives 219-216.

At more than 2,300 pages, complicated jargon and hearsay have left many confused, and, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, legislators needed to pass the bill so that the public could find out what’s in it.

This begs the question: What is the reform bill?

The purpose of the health care bill is to extend insurance to more than 30 million Americans who cannot afford or have neglected to acquire health care insurance by creating a national mandate.

The argument is that increasing the number of people with insurance will create a larger pool of healthy people, thereby increasing the amount of money available to spend on the sick.

People will be required to obtain coverage by 2014 or face a 2.5 percent income fine, or $695 for every uninsured family member up to a $2,085 cap, according to MSNBC.

By 2014, states will be required to set up health care exchange units, where businesses and individuals can essentially shop prices offered by health care companies, as reported in The Christian Science Monitor.

In Colorado, the bill will help more than 500,000 people, according to the Colorado Center on Law and Policy.

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