Mar 242010
Authors: Matt Miller

Months of crowding came to an end Sunday when CSU unveiled the long-awaited $32 million additions to its Student Recreation Center. The improvements include new 38-foot tall climbing towers, a bouldering area and a smoothie bar.

The lobby area for the expansion includes staff offices for intramural sports or clubs, an equipment rental shop and two new meeting rooms. The new facilities house four new fitness studios for martial arts, boxing, cycling and a renovated mat room.

The climbing wall will be in operation from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. this week. The hours will then be adjusted based on student input. The new smoothie bar, which follows the same hours, also offers coffee, sandwiches and salads, all of which can be purchased with cash or Ram Cash.

A spa area will also be opening in this main section after the hiring process is completed.

On the north side of the expansion section is the Multi Activity Court, or MAC gym, which can be used for many sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. 

The MAC is currently filled with cardio equipment, which will be cleared when the new cardio area is completed in August, when the west half of the center is scheduled to be completed. The addition will house 2,600 square feet of cardio equipment and an improved track.

Students grateful for the improvements have covered several whiteboards in the expansion’s lobby with their comments.

“Oh thanks, now I will never have time to study,” reads one message.

“In the old one everything was cluttered into one space,” said sophomore English major Jeanette Cuzella. “I like how every thing is spaced out and in separate rooms now.”

The entire project renovated 75 percent of the gym and added 75,000 gross square feet at a cost of $32 million. These upgrades have been part of 17 campus-wide construction projects that have been underway since June 2009.

“We have tried to alleviate the space problem to accommodate more students,” said Judy Muenchow, the executive director of campus recreation.

During the construction, Muenchow said she received several complaints about the size of the facility.

 “I was getting progressively angrier at the rec center before it reopened, it was getting smaller and more cramped,” said sophomore economics major AJ Firstman. “Now that it’s open, it was definitely worth the wait.”

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New Rec Center Additions

-38-foot-tall climbing towers
-Bouldering area
-Smoothie bar
-Intramural and sport clubs offices
-Rental shop for backpacks, tents and other seasonal gear
-Resource library or Outdoor Program Space
-Two meeting rooms
-Spa area to open soon
-Four fitness studios (Mat room, Martial arts, Boxing, Cycling)
-Renovated men’s and women’s locker rooms
-Multi-activity Court

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