Mar 242010

If you went to the Student Recreation Center anytime this year before spring break, chances are you found yourself dealing with some anger issues. We’re not talking about the typical gym frustrations, either.

Sure, you always had to deal with a few sweaty Danny DeVito look-a-likes forgetting to wipe off their machines or freshmen trying to drown themselves in the water fountain.

Once the construction of this new addition began, however, using CSU’s Rec Center went from being mildly frustrating to near unbearable. Lines for machines were long, locker rooms were closed and the gym was as crowded as a middle school cafeteria during a tornado drill.
Sunday, CSU opened its much-awaited Rec Center expansion. The addition houses four rooms for martial arts, yoga and other sports, a juice bar, a gear rental area and a climbing area. Near the bathrooms, there’s even a decorative fountain.

For some, the new $32 million construction could seem unnecessary, even wasteful. If Wednesday’s turnout at the climbing wall was any indication of the new area’s popularity, however, the Rec Center has been an overwhelming success.

Anyone who tried to squeeze in a decent workout during peak hours at the old gym can tell you that these additions are sorely needed.

Students had long requested more space for activities like boxing and martial arts, and the climbing wall was eagerly awaited by seemingly every student on campus.

As for the smoothie bar? We won’t complain if you won’t.

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