Letter to the Editor

Mar 242010

Dear editor,

I’d like to comment on last Friday’s newspaper. On page four, there’s a comic showing a crane and with a Jewish star on it and the comic shows the crane aiming a wrecking ball at a table that says “Peace Talks,” and on the other side the crane is building houses with a mechanical hand.

If I’m not mistaken, the point that this comic is trying to make is that the Israelis are responsible for ruining peace talks with Palestine, when really both countries are at fault. I don’t like how the comic shows the Israelis building in a place that may be Palestine since both countries are responsible for taking over each other’s land.

I’m Jewish and every single day I feel like I’m a minority in this world and stupid comics like this in the newspaper just give me the feeling that Jews are responsible for the violence in the Middle East, even though both sides have been violent to each other.

Political comics like this are not OK, especially when you take it to the point of criticizing a person’s religion and homeland. 

Allison Convissar
psychology major

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