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Authors: Justyna Tomtas

With summer right around the corner, many students are starting to worry about bikini season.

Whether you want to slim down, stay in shape or tone up, a new organization on campus is helping students redefine the way they view exercise by encouraging students to create their own ways of being physically active outside of the gym.

RAMotion, organized by CSU’s Health Network, is trying to get students to become active in their everyday lives. By including social activities that are enjoyable, the program hopes to show students that being active does not need to take extra time out of their day.

In a recent National College Health Assessment survey, 41 percent of female students and 35 percent of male students indicated they are physically active less than three days a week, and RAMotion is hoping to change that.

Catherine Elliot, an organizer of the program and a graduate student hopes the program will help educate students about the importance of staying active.

“What (students) don’t realize is that it wouldn’t take a huge change to be more physically active,” Elliot said. “We know the gym is not a place for everyone, so we want it to be something more friendly for students who aren’t out there doing things every day.”

Deb Morris, a CSU health educator, said she hopes students create their own ways to be physically active.

“It’s so critical for people to be physically active for their overall health and well being,” Morris said. “We really hope students will take the idea of RAMotion and create their own ways (to be active).”

Whether this involves playing Frisbee with friends or going on a walk instead of watching television, Elliot said the aim of RAMotion is for students to change their perspective on exercise.
RAMotion offers two activities to help promote student activity.

Every Wednesday from 12 to 2 p.m. on the LSC Plaza, the program will have a recess where students are able to play four square, catch or tag.

“We invite students to do recess games that you played as a child,” Elliot said. “RAMotion is a state of mind, the knowledge that you can be active without the extra effort.”

Stephanie Miller, a sophomore undeclared major, said she really liked the idea of being able to enjoy oneself and stay active in between classes.

“I think that the recess is a great idea. It brings students together and it’s a really fun way to stay fit, without even thinking about how much exercise you’re getting,” she said.

RAMotion also allows students to participate in the 2.1727 Club, which takes place at 2 p.m. on Tuesdays. Students who want to get involved meet in front of the Hartshorn Health Services building and go on a 2.1727-mile run, jog, trot or even hop, Elliot said.

“If someone wants to do a shorter distance, that’s fine too. And students who attend five of the 2.1727 Clubs will get a free RAMotion t-shirt,” Elliot said.

For more information, check out RAMotion’s Facebook page: Colorado State RAMotion.

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More about the Program

  • What: RAMotion: an organization that promotes physical activity
  • Where: Recess on the LSC plaza
  • When: Every Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m.
  • 2.1727 Club: Meet in front of Hartshorn every Tuesday at 2 p.m. for a 2.1727 run, jog or walk
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