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Authors: Ryan Sheine

Police are keeping track of two sexually violent predators who were released from prison in February, officers told a public forum Tuesday night.

Homero Jimenez, 35, and Saliman Yep, 41, currently live at a halfway house near Prospect and Timberline Roads until they finish their individual parole requirements.

Yep’s parole is handled by the state, while Jimimnez is on parole and probation handled by the district court. Both Jimenez and Yep will be tracked by GPS when they leave the halfway house.

Tuesday’s forum was held in accordance with Colorado law, which requires that authorities hold a public outreach session whenever violent sex offenders are released from prison.

There are more than 250 registered sex offenders currently living in the Fort Collins community. Six of those offenders qualify as sexually violent predators, or SVP.

A SVP is defined by three criteria: the offender must be 18 years old or older when the crime was made; the crime must have been committed after July 1, 1997; the conviction must have been made by July 1, 1999; and the offender must have a relationship with the victim as either a complete stranger or a relationship promoted for the purpose of sex.

Yep committed his offense at 37 years old, he was convicted in April 2007 and the victim was Yep’s niece, whom he was living with.

“Mr. Yep did sexually assault his niece for about three years,” State parole officer Chris Villalpando said.

Jimenez was 31 when his offense was committed, he was convicted in December 2006 and he was the boyfriend of his victim’s mother.

Both Jimenez and Yep have a history of criminal activity.

Yep was charged with aggravated robbery, carrying a concealed weapon and theft and criminal mischief in Boulder County at separate times during 1993. He was charged with theft and fraud by check in Larimer County during 1996 and during 2000. He was contacted for an immigration violation.

“Mr. Yep’s criminal history will show that he commonly engages in deceitful or illegal behaviors,” said Sgt. Russell Reed of the Fort Collins Police Services.

Jimenez has had three reports of sexual abuse filed against him since 1995, but due to insufficient information no charges were filed against him until 2006.

Sgt. Reed said Jimenez had a long criminal history and “a long history of abuse.”

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