Mar 232010
Authors: Sara Michael

After months of construction, CSU Parking Services opened a new parking garage at the intersection of Lake Street and Centre Avenue Monday.

The garage, open 24/7, has 835 parking spaces, 155 of which are pay-per-space for visitors or students and the rest for faculty, staff and commuter student use.

The first floor is reserved for pay-by-space drivers –– visitors or students, on a short-term basis. The second floor and half of the third, or the “A” lot, is faculty and staff parking, and commuter students have the other half of the third floor and the roof, or the “Z” lot.

Students who live on campus may not park in the garage without paying for a short-term spot.
The building is opening right on schedule, said CSU Parking Services Director Dave Bradford. Built using $21.6 million in bonds, loans sold on Wall Street, the garage came in under budget, allowing for extra amenities in commercial and retail space.

University officials expect the garage to attain a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.

The certification, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council, recognizes environmentally friendly building practices.

Special parking spaces are available in the A and Z lots for permit holders with LEED-qualified vehicles –– vehicles with low emissions. The entire building is designed for better air circulation than most garages, Bradford said.

CSU Police and Parking Services monitor the garage using 40 security cameras and daily patrols. Emergency phones are located on either end of each floor, and the ceilings are stained white for better light distribution.

During the next few months, 9,000 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels, which convert the sun’s power to electricity, will be installed on the roof of the garage, Bradford said.

The completed garage is still a work in progress, he said. By May, Parking Services plans to move their offices from Green Hall on Meridian to a corner of the first floor. Retail space including food and beverage services will open in August.

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