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Authors: Samuel Lustgarten

The euphoria following President Obama’s electoral victory had given way to a feverish debate on health care. The debate climaxed with a 219 to 212 vote in favor of the more than 2,400 page health reform bill just a couple days ago. Finally, despite having zero Republicans support the bill, it was still forcefully passed.

It wasn’t a day after the bill was passed that murmurs of opposition grew into a ruckus. The Fox News-inspired propaganda machine continues to pervade the American populace.

Socialist agenda, government takeover, communism and totalitarianism are just a few of the poisonous claims made by the likes of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. These senseless words could easily be likened to Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s accusations of communist activity in America.

A disinformation campaign this large needs to be stopped. No, we must not infringe on Americans’ right to free speech, but shouldn’t we have accountability and honesty from our politicians and “news” channels?

Republicans are nothing more than immature kids. They continued to block health reform for 13 months; thankfully, Democrats had enough and pushed it through the House anyway.

Republicans suggested that politicians start over on health reform ignoring the fact that the majority of what’s in this health reform bill had been previously supported by the conservatives.
The ignorance in the greater public continues to grow as Fox News uses biased polling. They aren’t realistic; if a vote on each issue had been cast, viewers would’ve approved the vast majority of the bill, if not the whole thing. Instead, we have a country that’s downright scared. They’re scared that the government will take over, and the mandates will disrupt their way of life; that socialism will cause the collapse of the economy.

Excuse me Fox, but is the post office a socialist ploy? Somehow, I can mail a letter across this great nation for only 44 cents.

How about taxes for police and fire? As a resident assistant and avid supporter of our on-campus police force, I’m thankful for their continual support –– I personally wouldn’t go to a school without a public police force.

Heck, what about CSU? We’re suffering horrid tax cuts to our funding and President Tony Frank is updating us every semester about that struggle. Would supporting our education system with greater state revenue be a socialist plot too? I can’t afford the price of a private education; higher education will continue to implode unless something is done.

The Fox News pundits want you to sit dying of treatable health concerns, or suffer the consequences of getting help. Yeah, the right wing is correct; you can always get care if it’s an emergency. It’s been one of the strongest oppositional points of the right.

You get help, and if you don’t have insurance, say goodbye to your life savings. For instance, a life-saving bone marrow treatment can cost upwards of $100,000. What uninsured, working-class American can possibly afford that?

I was reading a research report by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist working out of the London School of Economics, who said that liberalism and giving to others (without the expectation for return) is evolutionarily novel. We used to live in tribes, support our own and die for our own.
But it’s time to break that political mold. Higher taxation and the health coverage of the impoverished may not sound appealing, but at least we’d give everyone a chance at life –– and a healthy one, at that.

The equivalent of 15 World Trade Center attacks happen each year in this very country in the form of 45,000 people dying because they don’t have health insurance. Not to mention that the leading cause of bankruptcies is medical bills.

We speak of such fundamental ideas like freedom, but not having the right to universal health care flies in the face of liberty and justice for all. There won’t be choices until a comprehensive, affordable system of coverage is enacted. Anybody that tells you otherwise is misinformed.

Stand up for higher education, health reform and vote. Call your local Congressmen and women –– urge them to continue to vote for progress –– generations of children are counting on having a chance, too.

Samuel Lustgarten is a junior psychology major at CSU. Letters and feedback can be sent to

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