Mar 222010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Listen up all you trucker hat-wearing, flip-flop stepping, beer-drinking, apathetic college student stereotypes, the future of CSU is in your hands.

Monday, student government president and vice president candidates began campaigning on the Lory Student Center Plaza, handing out sudokus, fliers and food for one reason and one reason only: your vote.

Beyond the free treats, there are others things you should consider when it comes to selecting which candidate would be best fit to represent the student voice of this university during the 2010-2011 school year –– like, say, the principal pillars on which their campaigns are based.

Finding out what these candidates stand for is easy. The Collegian will be running a series of profiles on each candidate today through Thursday, spotlighting one of the three president and V.P. duos each day.

Another way to find out more about the candidates is to simply walk up and ask them, “Hey, how do you feel about this? How do you plan to change that?” The candidates and members of their campaign team will be standing near the giant signs on the Plaza, wearing corresponding T-shirts. They’re hard to miss.

Finally, when you know whom you are going to vote for, log on to RamCT April 5 through 7 to cast your ballot. It’s quick, easy and important.

Make a difference, have your voice heard and listen to what these candidates are saying. These folks aren’t out there because they love attention; they want to make CSU a better place.

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