Mar 212010
Authors: Cris Tiller

It was a tough ending for the CSU club hockey team last week in the ACHA Division II National Tournament, losing 5-4 in overtime to William Paterson.

The loss was the second overtime defeat in as many days, as the Rams fell to Lindenwood 4-3 the day before. The Rams aspirations to be national champions ended in a heartbreaking fashion after a dominating performance in the first game of the tournament, crushing the University of Maryland Baltimore County 8-2.

“It’s disappointing,” senior AJ Hau said. “We played a hard fought game but it is just shocking.”

The second round game was expected to be the hardest match up putting an offensive CSU against a defensively oriented team in Lindenwood.

“Lindenwood was a defensive team,” freshman Paul Jenkins said. “They ran a system that would try to stop us and it took a lot out of us.”

The next day looked on paper to be a fairly easy game against William Paterson, a team that was not supposed to be as good as the Rams. Only a day removed from a hard loss, the Rams did not appear to have the same intensity as their opponents.

“We feel like idiots now,” Jenkins said. “(The William Patterson game) seemed like us and Lindenwood; we didn’t come into that next game with the same motivation and their goalie stood on his head.”

The overall mood in the locker room after two straight overtime losses was that of a team that could not believe what had just happened.

“We were shocked,” Hau said. “We were very disappointed.”

Jenkins was the team leader in points during the regular season and looked at as the go-to guy for instant offense. However, he did not feel as though he fulfilled that role during the tournament.

“I’m very disappointed in myself,” Jenkins said. “I needed to be better. I wasn’t the guy I needed to be.”

For the seniors on the team, the loss hurts a bit more knowing that there won’t be a next year, but for the young players, the tough losses serve as a lesson for the future.

“We definitely learned to not give up,” Jenkins said. “It will make us stronger. There were a lot of new guys this year, but now all of us have been there and it will be motivation to do better next year.”

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