Mar 202010

Let me tell you about one more way my whole life is up in the air! Ok…maybe I am being dramatic. But in the midst of getting ready for a big upcoming trip to Kenya (check the blog to read about my adventures!) I have one more decision to make. Even though I really think the fates or the universe or whoever already made it for me, I’m still going to act like I am contemplating.

Logic vs. freedom is the debate here.

I found out this week that I got a job in Yellowstone for the summer which I had applied for in quite the frenzy one day when I was feeling illogical and restless. Buuuuutttt…now I have to think and think about if I should:

A) go to Yellowstone this summer and take a heavy class load next year. AKA Live free now to die later

B) Take summer classes and fit in other fun Colorado stuff and have a moderate load next year. AKA live freeish now to live freeish later!

Boo school!

Stay tuned for what I decide.

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