Our View – Caucus It Up

Mar 112010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Next week may be Spring Break, but more importantly, it’s also caucus week for two major political parties.

Ok, maybe caucusing isn’t more important than drinking in Cancun, skiing in Vail, smoking that sticky icky icky in Cali, blowing your money in Vegas, failing to go anywhere cool in Utah or skydiving somewhere in the more miserable areas of Colorado.

But, if you’re lame enough to sit around in Fort Collins, have to work or are just tied down by that ol’ ball and chain significant other, caucusing could be for you.

Joking aside, students are important stakeholders in this wonderful Fort Collins community and democracy thrives on the input of the little people like you.

The upcoming 2010 elections may not seem as important as the big hopey-changey 2008 election or the 2012 election that will take place shortly before the end of world, but the people we elect in November will probably have far more impact on our daily lives than a communist from Kenya or “folksy” –– read stupid –– Alaskans who can see Russia from their homes.

Participating in next week’s caucuses is a great way to get to know the issues that impact our city and help decide how the city reacts to those issues.

One of the more interesting elections this year is sure to be the Larimer County Sheriff race.

With that large, loud and probably illegal party you’ll be throwing around New Year’s next year and the hullabaloo around the concealed weapon ban on campus, the next sheriff could have a big impact on your legal future.

Not to mention county policy.

So get out there and caucus it up. You probably won’t regret it.

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