Mar 102010
Authors: Hannah Tran

Aimed at students who don’t have time to wait in Braiden Dining Hall’s lengthy lines, a new service called RamWich allows diners with meal plans or Ram Cash to order sandwiches online for pickup.

Creation of the program follows student recommendation that Braiden offer alternatives to long lunch lines and overcrowding in the dining hall before its $3.8 million renovation, completed in January, which expanded seating.

“This is a great alternative, it gives students a way to grab lunch and go to avoid the lines and make it to class on time,” said Tonie Miyamoto, communication coordinator for Housing and Dining Services.

Using RamWich, students can choose from a variety of sandwiches, salads and veggie wraps. Ordered online or at the window, items are available for pickup 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays.

Students can order by going online to, typing in their eName and ePassword and selecting their desired meal and pick-up time. Once the order is in place, the student’s meal plan or Ram Cash account is debited automatically.

The pickup window is located outside Braiden on the southwest side.

Braiden’s RamWich sandwiches are comprised of a variety of ingredients including: meats, lettuce, tomatoes and, depending on the sandwich, bacon, avocado, cranberries, grapes or almonds, all of which were decided based on student feedback. Salads and veggie wraps are also on the menu.

“We look at current trends and find foods that are high quality and visually stimulating,” said Brittney Stuard, an HDS dietitian. “We try to find a balance of healthy foods as well as what students want.”

Prior to RamWich, Durrell Express, open since 2006, and Academic Village’s Ram’s Horn, open since 2008, were the only two to-go options on campus. To-go options have been a trend at universities around the nation, and CSU followed suit, Stuard said.

“I’m actually very thankful that they thought of this,” said Nick Ulibarri, a freshman engineering major who eats at Braiden. “Sometimes I’m late to class because the lines are so long, it interferes with my school schedule.”

The idea for RamWich came in part from feedback from the Dining Services Advisory Council, a liaison between students and HDS. DSAC meets weekly, during which representatives from halls share observations and feedback from students.

DSAC provided recommendations to expand Braiden to accommodate large numbers of students, resulting in the addition of 100 seats during the renovation. Before the renovation, it sat about 450 students.

RamWich’s future depends on feedback from students. HDS hopes that this addition will help Braiden work well with the campus by providing more flexibility with its services, Miyamoto said.

“One of the best things about the dining services at CSU is that we try to give students as many options as possible with their meal plan,” said Sarah Clark, a student administrative assistant for HDS.

Students can provide their feedback online at the Housing and Dining Services Web site,, or by contacting DSAC at (970) 491-4754. Students can also leave their thoughts on comment cards found within every dining hall’s cafeteria.

“We cater to students,” Stuard said. “We’re customer driven for sure.”

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