Possible fees disheartening

Mar 092010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

CSU’s decision to consider proposing a roughly $300-a-year increase to the student facilities fee is particularly disheartening.

We’re not just disappointed that it may cost more to attend CSU. We’re offended because CSU’s administration appears to have misled us as a student body.

Last fall, several Collegian columnists pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in saying times were tight while engaging in a massive building spree. The campus administration met with us to inform us that the columnists were mistaken; the building spree would not directly affect tuition.

And they were technically correct, as tuition increases aren’t paying for new buildings. But $300 in new fees is no less damaging to our wallets than $300 in tuition increases.

And it wasn’t students or the University Facility Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB) who were suggesting building even more new edifices or increasing the facilities fee. It was the administration that made these suggestions.

While Tony Frank may not be talking about raising our costs directly, his administration prodded UFFAB into discussing the fee increase and thus broke its word, telling us that the building spree would not cost students more during these hard economic times.

As Collegian columnist Seth Anthony wrote last September, “CSU’s philosophy is clear: When it’s time to build something, turn to students to pay the cost.”

This is still the case, despite any contrary protests from the administration. While the administration’s hands may be technically clean, they have pulled the strings to build all these buildings that we simply don’t need –– and can’t afford –– right now.

The administration needs to stop funding its delusions of grandeur with our student fees and reject the proposed increase.

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