Letter to the editor

Mar 042010
Authors: Steve Ketcham

I was disappointed and quite frankly offended by the lack of professionalism by the Collegian reporter’s in the front-page article on Thursday titled “Frat lobbies to end use of ‘r-word:’ retarded.”

It is a bit counterproductive and offensive to use the “r-word” that these “fratter(s)” where hoping to end, in the title of this article for everyone to see.

The reason that these Pi Kapps where on that scaffolding was eliminate this term, which the article significantly hindered their message by including it in the title, any intelligent writer (or editor) would have been able to see the underlying hypocrisy in her (their) work.

And on top of that, to interject the opinion of a junior English major, at the end of the piece, crossed the line of disrespect into pure immaturity because frankly I don’t give a damn what he thinks. The plaza is a free speech area, a point that is understandably lost on an individual of his class.

This biased reporting on the Greek system is something I should have expected, coming from a student publication.

But when these men are willing to stand up, both literally and figuratively to get an important message out to the CSU community they deserve praise and accolades, not this degrading type of piece that was published in your paper.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi got more than 1,000 pledges to support their cause, and I would encourage the Collegian to get half that number to support their mockery of a student newspaper.

Steve Ketcham
Junior economics major

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