Mar 042010
Authors: Sara Michael

A dozen candles will be lit today to signify the light and life that rises in the aftermath of the Holocaust as part of a memorial service for those killed in the genocide.

This end to Holocaust and Genocide Awareness week will be a mellow event, said Josh Samet, the CSU campus director for the Jewish group Hillel. But, he said, it will be a nice way to wind down the week.

The service will include readings, songs, prayers and poetry to celebrate life but mourn those who have been lost.

“It’s mostly a time to remember,” said Ashley Lauwereins, the president of CSU’s Hillel chapter and a senior journalism and technical communications major.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik, co-director of the Chabad Jewish Center, said that the Holocaust holds a special value for himself and his family.

“I come from a family of survivors,” he said. “But it is truly a miracle that I was born.”

His heritage, he said, creates a passion that he invests in the community and in his work.

“It is important that the world knows the sort of terrible things men can do,” Gorelik said.

Holocaust and Genocide Awareness week has gone over fairly smoothly this year, Samet said. There was a good turnout from both the Jewish community and the Poudre School District.

“The point of this is just bringing awareness,” Samet said. “Being aware, and never forgetting.”

Ziad Kamel Mughrabi, a 1968 CSU alumnus, said he would like to see the week extended to include awareness of war crimes wherever they occur.

“My regret and sorrow grows when I see that the world is silent, when those in D.C. turn their eyes away from terror happening in the Holy Land.”

“CSU is capable of being a stage for peace and human decency by being vocal in support of freedom and justice for all people wherever they are,” he said. “I want it that way.”

The memorial will be held today in the Grey Rock Room of the Lory Student Center from 4 to 5 p.m.

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