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Authors: Rachel Childs

“You fake it a little to make it happen,” said English major Danielle McConnell Wednesday evening, orgasms being her topic.

No topic was taboo at the 3rd annual “Sex for Chocolate” event, sponsored by the Black Student Alliance, where men and women asked each other questions about sex and relationships.

The night began with the men and women in separate rooms discussing intimacy and relationships among their peers.

Every woman enjoyed a raunchy seminar by Kellie Matthews, a consultant for the sex-themed party business Slumber Parties.

Each participant received sexual nicknames to break the ice –– “Make it Dirty Danielle” and “Likes it Kinky Kellie,” for example.

Matthews presented an array of erotic products, like a 24-hour lubricant that dries and is reactivated by water.

“No one has the right to touch your body but you,” Matthews told the ladies as she held up an opalescent white battery-operated sex toy called the Quiver Tickler.

Matthews emphasized the importance of self-love and communication between couples. She began as a consultant three years ago to and quickly grew to love the position.

Upstairs at the BSA, men met to discuss relationships and what they find attractive in the opposite sex.

When the groups converged, the discussion heated up. Questions ranged from when to wait for sex to proper oral sex techniques, and no one held back from speaking their mind.

“I think guys should shoot for the blended orgasm,” said Danielle Beaumont, a sophomore business and French major, referring a mix of a clitoral and G-spot orgasms that Matthews had taught the women earlier.

Most of the men said they would prefer a woman who has had minimal sexual partners and respect women who make them wait a while before engaging in sex.

Women said they need proper foreplay and sexual techniques to make their experience more pleasurable.

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