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Authors: Anna Baldwin

A student survey to decide which band will headline the university’s annual Spring Concert on April 11 revealed by CSU’s top activity planning board shows that alternative rock band Rise Against took the top spot.

But a number of logistical problems led the Association for Student Activity Programming to choose Pepper and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus –– No. 4 and No. 8 on the list, respectively –– to perform.

Rise Against upped its price –– which would have cost $30,000 more than the budgeted $100,000 event price tag –– and the No. 2 pick, Snow Patrol was not touring at the time ASAP placed its bids. The third choice, Jimmy Eat World, wasn’t accepting college gigs.

Pepper will receive $30,000 of the budgeted money, which freed up some of the funds to hire a second band. ASAP chose Red Jumpsuit Apparatus because it was the band next on the list that would play for as little as the leftover $20,000. The remaining $50,000 will be spent on production costs.

ASAP disclosed the survey after being inundated with “negative responses” from students complaining about a lack of transparency in the organization when it decided not to reveal the results this week, said Brooke Cunningham, ASAP concert coordinator.

Initially, the voting results were not revealed to “maintain the integrity of the survey and to protect ASAP,” she said.

Tim Hole, student government’s vice president, said that, while he understood ASAP’s apprehension to release the numbers, it was “a step in the right direction” to disclose the results.

Cunningham said more than 5,000 students voted in the survey.

“We really did listen and went by the survey as best possible. We have nothing to hide,” Cunningham said. “We didn’t want to release the results simply because the process is so complicated.”

The university’s top fee allocation committee dedicated the money for the concert mainly from the student fee budget.

ASAP came under scrutiny last year after it formed an 11-member board to decide who –– it ended up being hip-hop artists Lupe Fiasco and Three 6 Mafia –– would headline the 2008 concert.

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Top 4 student votes

  1. Rise Against
  2. Snow Patrol
  3. Jimmy Eat World
  4. Pepper
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