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Authors: Johnny Hart

Most of you people probably missed it. You probably don’t even know what “it” is.

Walking in a confused, disgruntled daze from midterm to midterm, many of you probably find today just Wednesday. Some might know it’s Wednesday, March 3.

For us enlightened folk (mostly bored actually), March 3 is no ordinary day. It’s 3/03 day, otherwise known as the unofficial day to celebrate Colorado and all its glory.

The name comes from the area code for Denver and its surrounding areas. I realize that many Colorado residents rep other area codes –– the 7-1-9, the 7-2-0 and the 9-7-0.

But quite frankly, I don’t care. So shhh.

So this week’s rant will be devoted to a masturbatory take on our great state. Hold on to yer pants.

1. Beer

Of course beer is on the list. It’s pretty much on all my lists. It was even a finger food, and that’s just asinine.

But at least beer makes sense this week. Kudos for me.

Even ignoring the big two American breweries, Budweiser and MillerCoors, Colorado boasts some of the better micro and regional breweries in the world.

Breckenridge, Flying Dog, Left Hand, New Belgium, Odell … the list is so long. And delicious.

Plus, we have college students here in Colorado. And what do we do best? Drink beer. Mmm.

2. Beautiful people

According to some study someplace, which I don’t care to research to find out, Colorado is one of the more fit states in the U.S.

It shows. Like, you can’t go outside during the day without seeing three bikers and a handful of joggers.

Personally, I find my exercise in playing sports … video games. Yeah, I have a dent in my couch, so what?

But all this exercise has made a population that’s not hard on the eyes.

I’m partial to the women, so ladies: rawr.

3. Sports

Don’t let recent years of CSU sports cloud your judgment on this topic; Colorado actually has pretty solid sports teams and fans.

On the amateur level, Colorado plays host to many Olympians. In fact, the U.S. Olympic Complex resides in Colorado Springs.

Universities have their place, too. CSU is good in volleyball and on the rise in many other sports. University of Denver and Colorado College do very well in hockey. And CU-Boulder, well they’re good at running from the police.

Plus you’ve got the Rockies, Avs, Nuggets, Broncos, Rapids, Mammoth and others.

It’s good to be a sports fan in the Rocky Mountain state.

4. Outdoor activities

Speaking of things I don’t do well, being an outdoor enthusiast.

But just because I don’t like things like being healthy or sunshine, it doesn’t mean a lot of people in Colorado don’t.

Our great state affords outdoor enthusiasts a variety of things to do: climbing, hiking, skiing, snowboarding.

Bicycling, too. But I swear to god if another biker cuts me off, I’ll … yell and honk and probably do nothing.

5. Weather

Colorado apparently has 300 days of sunshine a year. I can’t prove this because I live in a cave called the Collegian newsroom, but I’ll take everyone’s word for it.

You see, 300 days of sun gives all us journalists at least a chance to fend off rickets.

And summers in Colorado, what a whirlwind. You could need a hoodie, heavy jacket, shorts and sunscreen all in the same day.

It’s like Mother Nature forgot her schizophrenia meds at home, locking in an unreachable closet.

If anything, the weather in Colorado is exciting. And it’s often quite beautiful to witness.


Entertainment Editor Johnny Hart should work for the Colorado Tourism Office. He can be reached at

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