Mar 022010
Authors: Rachel Childs

A party joyfully mingles in a dimly lit room in the Lory Student Center Tuesday evening and they exchange colored candies.

They enthusiastically introduce themselves in hopes that the other person will drop a Skittle into their cup.

Little do they know, their friendly banter is actually a hookup, and the candy represents a sexually transmitted disease.

Designed to show students the ease of receiving an STD when not protected, the experiment was part of the 3rd annual “Sex for Chocolate” workshop, sponsored by CSU’s Black Student Alliance.

Although an alluring title, the purpose of the event is to reach out to students about safe sex and healthy relationships.

“It’s our way of bringing sexual awareness to CSU, especially the Black community,” said Ashley Griffin, president of Black Student Alliance.

Other parts of the night included a slideshow highlighting misconceptions about AIDS.

Part two of the event, “His and Hers,” starts today at 6 p.m.

Men and women will meet in separate rooms for an hour to have candid conversations about safe sex and effective ways to please their partners.

Later, the groups will come together and be given the chance to pose questions to the opposite sex.

“It’s an opportunity to talk and debate different issues like relationships, sexuality and safe sex,” Griffin said.

Curious couples and singles are encouraged to attend with any burning questions about sex and intimacy.

Chocolates and snacks will be provided.

Staff writer Rachel Childs can be reached at

When: Today, 6 to 8 p.m.

*Men and women will be separated into different rooms to discuss how to pleasure their sexual partners and ask experts questions about sex.

Men: Lory Student Center, Rm 204
Women: Spring Creek Room in the Lory Student Center

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