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Mar 022010

Scherer right to criticize Yellow Tail

I send this letter to Robyn Scherer to tell her she hit one out of the park with her column “Yellow Tail wine company turns tail on HSUS.” It’s fine to write about animals and their welfare, but usually you don’t see one who uses common sense like Robyn did, and I think she needs to know I appreciate it.

 As a hunter, I would not buy Yellow Tail wine due to the fact that their donation to HSUS does nothing for animal welfare. I support our local shelter on the basis I know their efforts go 100 percent to the wellbeing of animals in our community. The Humane Society of the United States is full of animal rights extremists, and I applaud Robyn for her objective reporting about it.
Jack Spoto
New Jersey

Pet abuse continues

Thank you for reporting about the animal victims of U.S. Global Exotics that are up for adoption as a result of the largest animal seizure in history in your article, “Larimer Humane Society puts exotic animals up for adoption.”

The seizure was prompted by a PETA undercover investigation that lasted more than seven months, during which time we documented that animals were starved and dehydrated, had resorted to eating each other out of stress and hunger, had wounds so deep that muscle and bone were exposed and legs were chewed off, were thrown away like trash, were intentionally frozen to death in the facility’s freezers and more.

Shortly before the new year, local authorities, acting on information uncovered by our investigator and accompanied by animal protection organizations and experts brought in by PETA served a civil seizure warrant to take into protective custody the more than 26,000 animals housed by USGE at that time. Officials found hundreds of dead and dying animals.

Many of the animals pulled out of USGE in the nick of time were headed to PetSmart and PETCO distributors nationwide. While this “batch” of animals was rescued, millions of other animals will continue to suffer in similar massive mills until the lesson of USGE is learned: As long as people buy any animals from pet stores such as PetSmart, PETCO, Petland and others, the pet trade’s cruelty will go on, unabated. No one who cares about animals should be buying from any stores that sell them. For more information, please visit PETA.org.

Daphna Nachminovitch
Vice President
Cruelty Investigations
Department, PETA

Phillips column on target

I wanted to thank Josh Phillips for his editorial, “Supreme Court faces another landmark case with gun control.” It’s nice to read an opinion article in the Collegian I don’t completely disagree with. You make a good point about owning guns and as such reducing your chances of being attacked inside your home. 

I’m reminded of a statistic I once read about how many shootings happen outdoors, the reason being (I’m guessing) no one wants to go inside someone’s home to shoot them for fear they might own a gun.

I hope you are able to get your concealed carry license soon.  Thank you again, you’ve given me a reason to keep reading the Collegian.  I look forward to reading some more from you soon.

Derek Kaufman

Confusion of foreign policy

Ian Bezek has demonstrated his own ignorance of foreign policy in his column … He clearly does not understand the situation, or supposed “cap” that occurred in Honduras, showing that however independent he claims to be, he still firmly sits on the left.

For the past two years, I lived in El Salvador, neighbor to Honduras when President Zelaya was removed from office. In following months, the papers were filled with leftist propaganda from Venezuela.

To get the record straight, what Honduras did to its president was completely legal: The only illegal thing about it was the deportation of Zelaya. The courts stripped him of his power and their elected congress took control of the country. The real question is why President Zelaya was stripped of power. Let’s see, embezzlement, removal of military leaders for not supporting him, and, oh yeah, trying to force illegal legislation through.

Honduras didn’t want international interference for the same reason the U.S. doesn’t want China stepping into our elections. Whether Bezek likes it or not, the coup was legal, which individual study groups on Capitol Hill confirmed through scrutiny of the Honduran Constitution, so get over it.

Next time you decry something international, Ian, check the rules of their game, instead of transposing your own. Not everything has to work the way you like it.

William Campbell
physics and math

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