Yays and Nays

Mar 012010
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Yay | to the possible mobile interstate barrier on Interstate-70. The wall would allow the interstate to change from two lanes on either direction to three and one lane, which will allow ski traffic to be at a standstill across three lanes instead of two.

Nay | to Canada. So what you won more gold medals. So what you won men’s hockey. We won the overall medal count. And in the United States we call our ham “ham,” not Canadian bacon.

Yay | to Holocaust Awareness Week. Go out and do something to remember those fallen and affected by the horrible tragedy.

Nay | to large-scale natural disasters. The earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the blizzards on the East Coast –– Mother Nature, we surrender.

Yay | to CSU offensive linemen Shelley Smith and Cole Pemberton, both who just finished their four-day job interview at the NFL Combine. Good luck fellas, you’re not in the Mountain West no more.

Nay | to students having to pay for tickets to the Spring Concert. Student fees pay for $100,000, and we’re still paying $12 for ticket.

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