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Authors: Abel Oshevire

To overcome the stress of mid-terms this week and next, it’s vital that students pay attention in class, attend review sessions, take practice tests and get plenty of rest beforehand, CSU horticulture teacher and graduate student Rich Guggenheim said.

Following this advice will help students fight stress, a common problem for students that Guggenheim told about five people, who attended a test-taking workshop at the Institute of Learning and Teaching Monday evening, could lower exam grades.

Cramming, or studying the night before a test, is a known trend among students. Guggenheim said that cramming on most occasions is unproductive and that it undermines the ability of a person to remember information long-term.

Professors can help students to perform better, Guggenheim said.

“It is essential for students to pay attention in class because teachers tend to give non-verbal cues on important details during class session,” he said. “Some teachers post sample exams online. Attempting these questions also helps a lot.”

Some practice tests are available to students in the Lory Student Center’s Test Bank, located in the LSC basement near Copy Rite.

Though formats of tests vary from multiple-choice, essays, fill in the blanks and true or false questions, he said these formats all require the same technique to succeed.

“It is important to look over all the questions closely and understand them. Most people don’t fail because they missed the question but because they failed to notice what the question asked,” Guggenheim said. “On multiple-choice questions, it is unwise to spend time on one question. First instinct, on most occasions, is correct.”

Guggenheim added that attending review sessions and studying with others gave students a great chance of making good grades on tests.

Cait Kelley, a sophomore psychology major, attended the workshop and said that she would use what she learned to succeed on her one mid-term this week.

“The class has been going great, so I am not stressed at all,” Kelley said. “I will definitely be applying the tips discussed at this workshop to my upcoming mid-term.”

Monday’s workshop was the first of three sessions. Two more sessions are scheduled for today, 1 to 1:50 p.m. and Wednesday, 7 to 7:50 p.m. Both sessions will be held in TILT 105.
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The Workshop

What: “Making the Grade: Test Taking Strategies”
Where: TILT Building, Room 105
When: Today, 1 to 1:50 p.m. and Wednesday, 4 p.m.
Testing Resources

Lory Student Center Test Bank
Some professors leave past exams on file for practice
Located in the LSC Basement near Copy Rite

Mid-term test taking strategies
Sleeping between seven and nine hours the night before a test
Attending class preceding the test
Go to review sessions and study with others who know the material
Take practice tests

Do not …
Cram/study the night before a test, give yourself at least a week to prepare
Study with people who do not know the material

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