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Authors: Elizabeth Cornish, College Avenue Magazine

While most people are making plans to jet off somewhere exotic or are packing the car for a fun-filled drive cross country, some are making a responsible decision to save this Spring Break.

Being in the black is never a bad thing and time off from school is a potential opportunity to make money, or to lose it depending on the choices you make.

“It’s always good to have a little bit of capital,” said Evan Vent, a sophomore natural resources and recreational tourism major. “You should hope for the best and expect the worst.”

Vent worked long hours at Arby’s in the fall semester to save money for that reason. He plans to spend spring break at home in Grand Junction, unless he can make a cheap journey to New Orleans, La. with his roommate.

“I’m relying on southern hospitality,” Vent said laughing. “Hopefully we’ll only have to pay for gas.”

With the hype over Spring Break, it’s far too easy to splash out on expensive trips. While Vent could blow all his money on a week away now, he is bucking the trend so he can carry out even bigger plans later this year.

“I’m saving money more long term because I’m going to Estonia in the summer,” he said.

Unlike Vent, not all students are as lucky to have money to spend.

Shannon Dobrovolny, a junior communications major and residence assistant at Durward Hall, has to stay in Fort Collins this Spring Break for work. While Dobrovolny has her accommodations paid for in exchange for her duties, this leaves her with little extra cash for travelling.

“I can’t even imagine spending hundreds of dollars over Spring Break,” Dobrovolny said.
Instead, she is making the most of what’s on her doorstep.

“I have a friend coming to visit me instead so I get to see her and work,” she said. “We’re going to explore Colorado, traveling around (there) should be pretty cheap, as we won’t have to pay for hotels or cars.”

Colorado has plenty to offer for someone who can’t afford to go away. Dobrovolny and her friend will be visiting Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountains on day trips throughout the week.

Many students won’t be traveling or working at all this Spring Break. Instead they are making a less concerted effort to save money by staying at home.

Sophomore sociology major Alex Placido said he enjoys socializing with old friends over the vacation and saving what money he has, saying he didn’t see much point in going anywhere when the same amount of fun is offered at home for free.

“I would go away but I don’t have enough money … I’m a poor college student,” Placido said. “I prefer to just hang out with old friends instead.”

Elizabeth Cornish is a reporter for College Avenue magazine and can be reached at

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