Feb 282010
Authors: Laura James

The zombie flick de jour happens to be “The Crazies,” a film that takes the apocalyptic human threat to a whole new level. 

Trouble is brewing in a sleepy Iowa town of Ogden Marsh, and people are starting to act strange.  When a local man, formerly the town drunk, crashes a high school baseball game with a shotgun at the ready, things start to deteriorate across the community.

Actor Timothy Olyphant of the FX series “Damages” and HBO’s “Deadwood” portrays the Ogden Marsh sheriff, who’s troubled by the events plaguing the township under his watch. 

When his investigation leads him the wreckage of an unknown plane that has crashed into the town’s water supply, it’s obvious the plane’s contents have infected the drinking water of this farming area.

As the people in town start getting progressively worse, the U.S. military implements “infection protocol,” and they invade the town in an attempt to control the spreading of the mysterious sickness.

Predictably, the people of Ogden Marsh, having not been properly informed, fight back against the invasion of their town, and the life and death struggle for survival begins.  With the military chasing everyone and most members of the community infected with “craziness,” the journey to safety becomes the goal of the healthy that remain.   

“The Crazies” delivers a one-two punch with its high action and its fair share of blood and guts.  If you’re a fan of this type of film, “The Crazies” will definitely suffice your thirst for zombie-like mayhem.

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