Feb 252010

In 2007 I was graduating high school and getting ready to come up to CSU. One night, I was annoyed with my high school friends and told my mom I couldn’t stand the thought of hanging out with them for three more months. Don’t worry, I got over it as soon as I wasn’t sitting in their dirty basements on the weekends anymore. Anyways, my mom told me that I should apply to work in Yellowstone, which she did when she was 18. And so I did!

A few weeks later, I got a fat envelope in the mail (fat envelopes= success!) and I was preparing for my summer in Yellowstone. Now, some people might not think of Yellowstone as being wild, untouched, unexplored, etc. But I have to tell you that it is!

We all know that about a bajillion tourists pass through every year, mostly to hang out their cars and take pictures of buffalo. But, what we all don’t know is that most of these buffalo-lovin tourists don’t go more than a mile from the road. If you dare go a mile off the road in Yellowstone, you’re all alone out there! Last summer, my roomate and I did a three day backpacking trip and didn’t see ANYONE until we were a mile from the road again.

So, you see, it is wild, untouched, and unexplored. Now, for some other things I LOVE about Yellowstone:

– The Yellowstone/Teton area has the best stars, hands down, I have ever seen.

– Yellowstone rivers are the best for swimming! I have searched and searched and haven’t found any that compare.

– Buffalo traffic jams are a legitimate reason to be late to work.

– It doesn’t get dark until almost 10 o’clock!

– You have bad cell service. You have bad internet service. NO ONE CAN BOTHER YOU!…unless you choose to be bothered and go to one of the places with good cell service!

-Shadow Mountain. If you can find it, feel accomplished!

I am sure there is more reasons why Yellowstone rocks, but those are my reasons! If you haven’t gone there, go! It’s only about an 8 hour drive from here and well worth it. And..backpacking permits are free and plentiful.

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