Feb 252010
Authors: Kirsten Silveira

After the Denver Post reported that CSU students would not be able to carry pepper spray under the newly adopted weapons policy, university officials clarified to the Collegian that the policy does allow that form of self-protection in an e-mail Thursday.

The policy banning guns never prohibited students from having pepper spray on campus, CSU Spokesperson Brad Bohlander said in a phone call Thursday. The amount is limited to one ounce, he said.

Students will also have the option of carrying a personal Taser under the policy after it was revised prior to approval by the CSU System Board of Governors earlier this week.

The system-wide weapons ban forbids students from carrying concealed weapons, along with explosives, knives with a blade larger than 3.5 inches and ammunition.

The ban will go into affect on or before Aug. 1.

The Associated Students of CSU Sen. Cooper Anderson, who lobbied for keeping CSU gun friendly, said the amendment to the policy is a step in the right direction.

But, Anderson said, “It’s not enough to overcome the weapons policy’s defects.”

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