Feb 252010

Originally, my plan for this summer was to stay in Fort Collins, take a summer class and hike around here. But then I realized that I am just not that good at….I don’t really know how to put it…staying where I am!? So began my search for cool summer jobs! I applied to work in Yellowstone again, where I worked in 2007, I applied in Rocky Mountain Ntl. Park and at some places in Estes Park and I played with the idea of applying at summer camps in Maine.

I wanted to give you all the info you need to apply for cool jobs this summer too!

For Yellowstone, visit www.yellowstonejobs.com

For Rocky Mountain food service or retail jobs visit www.xanterra.com

For other cool jobs visit www.coolworks.com or www.backdoorjobs.com

Good luck to all you restless souls! And apply now because these jobs tend to fill up fast.

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