Feb 252010
Authors: Madeline Novey

Student government leaders said they are ecstatic that a bill giving CSU students voting rights on the CSU System Board of Governors passed through the House Education committee 7-6 Thursday evening.

After the bill failed in the same committee last year by one vote, members of the Associated Students of CSU and the state representative, who acted as the house sponsor, are optimistic about getting the bill passed into law but recognize the upcoming challenge of passing the bill through the House of Representatives.

“I am confident we can come up with the 33 votes we need to get it to the Senate,” said State Rep. Randy Fischer, D-Fort Collins.

With higher education funding in crisis –– hundreds of millions have been cut from its budget in the last year –– and students feeling the burden of tuition increases as a result, having a voice on the board will allow students to offer input, rather than sit on the sidelines, said Matt Worthington, director of ASCSU’s Legislative Affairs Department.

“Students have great perspectives to offer on how we can bring creative ideas into the university,” Worthington said, explaining that as the CSU system sustains cuts, a student vote on the board could “Improve the board’s ability to do more with less.”

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