Ignore the ignorers

Feb 232010

In a vote Tuesday, the CSU Board of Governors voted unanimously to ban concealed weapons system-wide.

The vote, 8-0, will essentially take licensed, thoroughly tested gun-owning individuals and make them into policy violators.
Not law violators, but policy violators.

These law-abiding citizens, who happen to be a part of the CSU community, have been silenced from carrying guns as a legal right afforded them by the state. Pardon the pun.

And, despite anecdotal evidence, studies and the loudly voiced pro-concealed carry argument from a significant portion of students on campus, the BOG has decided to ignore its constituency.

The members decided to stick their metaphorical fingers in their ears, yelling “La la la la la” at any argument contrary to its own.

It’s a smart move on their part. They’re playing the political correctness card. Guns equal bad, and they’re jumping on the bandwagon of many institutions across the nation that’ve also banned guns on campus.

What sheep. The governing board of an institute of higher education, a place to pool ideas and challenge the status quo, following suit.
Let’s create a hypothetical here, shall we? What if, say, the entire student population decided it didn’t want to be pushed around.

What if said student body just stopped paying a portion of its tuition to show the university they meant business. We’ll call it a Representation Tax.

But that’s just a few bites to chew on. Nothing to really take seriously, yet.

Just beware of those faceless, invisible suits cowardly hiding behind their BOG desk with their heads up their … well, you know.

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